Clients Need

It was important for the company to participate in timely and relevant social media conversations. This included live tweeting, responding to comments and engaging with the online community. As content author and social media manager, I looked for ties between our business and current events such as The Oscars, television shows like Big Brother and The Voice and live events like The Tour de France. This is an example of a social media event that I managed.

My Role

Content author, social media content coordinator


Facebook, Twitter, Shoutlet (now Spredfast) social media scheduling, listening and analytics software, Photoshop and Basecamp task management tool for our editorial calendar.

Project Details

Creating and managing our content strategy – including this example – required ongoing topic research throughout the year. We planned and managed our content strategy with an editorial calendar which I created and maintained. Much of the content (examples below) for the Oscars was created prior to the event and went through the content approval process I established. However, to stay relevant and engaged, I also followed/watched the events – posting additional content and interacting with our social media fans.

Twitter #1

Have some crunchy veggies as a snack while watching the #Oscars2014 this Sunday. Host @EllenDegeneres would approve – she’s a vegan!

Twitter #2

Which @TheAcademy Award nominated actress do you think looks the fittest on the #RedCarpet? RT or reply your answer. #Oscars2014

Twitter #3

Which Hollywood #RedCarpet hottie should be on the #bestdressed list? RT or reply your answer.

Twitter #4

Which #AmericanHustle star do you think spent more time at the gym – #ChristianBale or #BradleyCooper? #Oscars2014 RT or reply your answer.

Facebook #1

Hit your daily veggie goal with some crunchy veggies while watching @TheAcademy Awards this Sunday. The USDA recommends, at least 2 ½ to 3-cups every day. #Oscars2014 host @EllenDegeneres would approve – she’s a vegan!

Facebook #2

Which of these @TheAcademy Award nominated actresses do you think looks the fittest? #RedCarpet #Oscars2014
1. Amy Adama
2. Cate Blanchette
3. Sandra Bullock

The Outcome

This example of our content strategy was very successful. Many of our members were surprised – and delighted – to see our participation. This live interaction helped moved the company away from how typical corporations use social media (advertising, marketing products, etc.) to a true social media participant. After the Oscars, most of our social media strategy followed this format.