Retail Marketing

sm_140220ret_retail_tile_monday_apr7_monmlk_m1Client Needs

The company wanted to promote retail products on social media to increase sales and drive traffic to our brick and mortar locations.

In addition to increasing sales, specials were chosen to help the team promote new product launches, move merchandise that was close to expiring and reduce inventory.

My Role

Content creator and social media coordinator – using an editorial calendar.


Shoutlet (now Spredfast) social media scheduling, listening and analytics software, Photoshop and Basecamp task management tool (our editorial calendar).

Project Details

retail_smartshake_mar24I worked with our retail team to plan and execute all retail efforts of our social media marketing strategy. The retail team decided what products to feature and my role was to coordinate posts in our editorial calendar, create the assets using a layered PSD’s and scheduling or posting the content on our social media platforms. Lastly, I also reported performance and sales analytics to help drive future retail decisions.

The social media imagery was frequently combined with SEO-optimized content to encourage engagement – such as comments, likes and retweets – and extended our reach through follower sharing. For example, a BOGO offer for SmartShake (image right) was combined with a smoothie recipe that related to the product. Our followers might share the offer with friends and family – even if they weren’t interested in the bottle – because the recipe sounded good.

Recipes do extremely well on social media platforms such as Pinterest so we knew this would extended our reach dramatically. An added bonus – absolutely planned – was a spike in protein powder sales.

retail_isopurertd_mar10The Outcome

We saw spikes in retail sales following social media posts for our featured products. Additionally, our retail messaging on social media reached new audiences that we previously weren’t accessing.