Personal Trainer Bios

Although our online memberships sales were impressive, the business noticed we were missing a large online revenue-generating opportunity. Sales of our personal training services online were nearly non-existent.

Analysis of our website metrics indicated that consumer interest was there. Website visitors were shopping and comparing prices online but when it came time to pull the trigger they left the sales funnel. Further website analysis and consumer insight discovered consumers didn’t have enough information to finish the transaction. We needed better product descriptions to improve online sales.

My role: project plan development and management (details below)
Platform: homegrown sales platform, CMS (content maintenance), SalesForce (data integration)
Objectives: sales, showcase talent,
More info:

My Solution

To provide the info consumers needed, my solution was creating online bios describing our products – each personal trainer (example right). This would give consumers necessary details to compare products and pricing and complete an online purchase. An added bonus – bios would allow a big corporation create a personal connection – the Holy Grail in online marketing. The executive team loved the idea!

As with any project, we had challenges to overcome. We had the usual hurdles such as consumer demand, ROI and resource allocation but data collection and maintenance were going to be our biggest solve. We had over 400 stores and more than 3,500 personal trainers, data collection and maintenance was going to be our biggest hurdle.

We started with a small pilot in a remote market. Within months, the trainers in the pilot saw a huge increase in sales. The District Manager (and the execs) were ecstatic and anxious to expand the pilot district-wide. We fine-tuned our processes and were able to expand the pilot, eventually rolling out company-wide within a year.

My Role

  • Define the scope of the project and technical requirements
  • Manage the project from concept to completion
  • Create a process for gathering data and creating web pages
  • Outline an ongoing maintenance plan
  • Training employees to use our CMS
  • Implement the project and oversee ongoing management

The Outcome

This was an industry first! No other fitness business was marketing their trainers online. After a successful project launch, we saw a 32% increase in online personal training sales within the first year. A huge win for the business.