challenge4changeClient Needs

Motivation is an important part of success in the health and fitness industry. As a social media marketing manager, my role was to create motivational words and imagery for social media, email marketing, etc. that could engage our followers and be shared virally. I created the hashtag #MotivationMonday which performed very well on social media. Additional examples below.

My Role

Content author, social media coordinator (using an editorial calendar I maintained), posting content and reporting on performance.


Shoutlet (now Spredfast) social media scheduling, listening and analytics software; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest social media platforms, Photoshop and Basecamp task management tool (our editorial calendar).

Project Details

I created two or three branded social media and email assets weekly. The collateral featured both lifestyle images and simple formats consistent with other corporate messaging and brand guidelines. The content subject matter included seasonal and age-relatable imagery/content to keep posts timely and relevant. All posts were coordinated in the editorial calendar I created and maintained. Other content goals included increasing user engagement, extending our reach on social media and boost brand reputation.

The Outcome

These posts were incredibly successful. The subject matter elicited fan/follower comments – leading to online discussions – and viral sharing that extended our reach.