Aging Gracefully

Research shows that exercise benefits everyone; the growing baby boomer population was no different. We realized that as their health risks (and disposable incomes) increased with age, boomers would not only benefit from our services, they could also afford to pay for them.

This blog post was part of a larger marketing campaign for Active Aging Week. Our goals were to engage our current senior members with age appropriate services and expand our reach with affordable membership options.

The campaign included the launch of Silver Sneakers – a series of exercise classes geared towards seniors, partnering with senior organizations in the communities we served and offering discounted and/or free memberships.

My role: author, SEO optimization, project management
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While aging is inevitable, aging gracefully is an art. Regular exercise and a healthy diet NOW will help you look better, feel better and avoid or delay common ailments as you age. Here are five great tips to help you age more gracefully:

  1. Eat Right
    As you age, your metabolism slows and your appetite decreases. Since you’re eating fewer calories, you have to make every calorie count! Here are the basics:

    • Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies.
    • Limit red meat and opt for leaner chicken and heart-healthy fish.
    • Choose complex carbs (whole wheat breads, brown rice, legumes, etc.) that are digested more slowly and have more fiber and vitamins.
    • Bulk up on antioxidant-containing foods such as tomatoes, all types of berries, dark green leafy veggies, etc.
  2. Manage Weight
    Along with a healthy diet managing weight is the simplest thing you can do to stay healthy. Being overweight increases your risks for most health conditions and can make it harder to get around, especially as you get older.
  3. Stay Active
    Staying active and exercising regularly will keep your heart healthy and help you manage weight.

    • Cardio is great for calorie burning and keeping your cardiovascular system pumping strongly.
    • And don’t forget the weights! Resistance training helps keep your metabolism revving and can help prevent osteoporosis.
  4. Don’t Worry, Be Happy
    Mood and happiness affect your immune system and stress levels. Avoid things that cause stress and fill your life with things that make you happy. Spend time with family and friends, attend events and gatherings and keep a positive attitude on life.
  5. Exercise Your Brain
    That’s right, your brain needs regular exercise to stay sharp and prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. Try learning a new language, taking classes, reading and playing games that make you think (Sudoku, crosswords, etc.)

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