Community Forum

commHome05.01.13Client Need

The business was very active in social media and had a great blog presence but we wanted to get customers more involved with our brand. Our blog content was very popular – adding a significant SEO value as well – but the we wanted user-generated content. User-generated content gives users a voice, and ownership in the conversation.

A moderated online discussion forum would help us engage with our members, build a community and generate much content.

My Role

Project manager from concept to completion including requirements gathering, defining project launching new website functionality, writing community rules and standard operating procedures for employees and managing timelines. Post launch, my role evolved to Community Manager which involved managing two moderators and corporate employees, nurturing conversations, solving problems and more.


Lithium Technologies, Inc online community platform, social media channels and Percussion Rhythmyx content management system.

Project Details

blogPost05.01.13We built the community would create a space where we could promote our brand and tie our social media efforts together. Existing and potential customers would be able to get accurate health and fitness info – a prevalent problem in the industry – and moral support from other members and our trained fitness professionals.

The community would not only provide a positive environment and showcase employee talent, it would also offer an opportunity for selling our products and services. We would also create a direct line of feedback from members, allowing for better customer service and improved response time. Lastly, our new community would add website content that would substantially add to our SEO efforts.

The Outcome

The community was a huge success! Our user base grew substantially overnight and user participation was better than we expected. We saw a 12% increase in overall website traffic resulting from the launch of the discussion boards. An added value was a new customer service channel allowing our call center answer questions and resolve customer issues, resulting in reduced call volume

Sadly, the project was only live for a couple of years. As business priorities changed and budgets shifted, the ROI didn’t support keeping the community alive.