Client Needs Motivation is an important part of success in the health and fitness industry. As a social media marketing manager, my role was to create motivational words and imagery for social media, email marketing, etc. that could engage our followers and be shared virally. I created the hashtag #MotivationMonday which performed very well on[…]


Retail Marketing

Client Needs The company wanted to promote retail products on social media to increase sales and drive traffic to our brick and mortar locations. In addition to increasing sales, specials were chosen to help the team promote new product launches, move merchandise that was close to expiring and reduce inventory. My Role Content creator and social media coordinator – using an editorial calendar.[…]


Keep ‘Em Coming Back

Client Need They say ‘content is king’ in the online marketing world. I’ll go a step further and say that engaging content – posts that elicit comments, sharing and likes from your fans – is well… what’s better than a king? As a social media marketing manager, it was my job to create content that was not[…]



Clients Need It was important for the company to participate in timely and relevant social media conversations. This included live tweeting, responding to comments and engaging with the online community. As content author and social media manager, I looked for ties between our business and current events such as The Oscars, television shows like Big Brother and The[…]