Five Health Tips for Mother Earth

Be green - buy local!Happy #EarthDay2014! Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something healthy for yourself and the planet at the same time? Well check out these five health and fitness tips that’ll help you stay lean and green! #reasons2exercise

  1. Go Loco for Local
    Buy your healthy fruits and veggies at the local farmer’s market for fresher, more nutritious produce that wasn’t trucked in from far away.
  2. Biking
    Hitting the road on a bike is a great way to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature while burning calories. The average person burns more than 300 calories per hour while biking at a casual pace. To find out how many calories you burn while biking or doing other activities, check out our Calorie Burn Calculator.
  3. Trash Walk not Trash Talk
    Grab a buddy and some plastic gloves and hit the beach or park for a walk. Pick up as you go and you’ll feel great from your cardio workout and from helping clean up your neighborhood.
  4. Ditch the Bottle
    We all need more water but all the empties fill up landfills and wreck havoc on the ozone layer. Recycling helps but the energy to produce, fill and ship bottled water could be saved with just a little effort. Plan ahead, buy some re-useable bottles and get in the habit of carrying one along all the time.
  5. The Laundry Workout
    It’s not that often that something is free, saves energy, checks off a chore AND has health benefits. Throwing clothes in the dryer burns some calories but the repetition of bending, squatting and lifting laundry to hang-dry on the clothesline burns many more and builds muscle.

TIP: if stiff and crunchy air-dried clothes are bothersome, pop them in the dryer and fluff for 10 minutes.

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